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The future of self-storage is launching in the US! With picture recognition and AI technology you just store your things with a click on your phone. Pickup, delivery and insurance included! Type your zip code below to get on the pre-launch list.

Get your messy life in order. Add space now.

See how it works

Storing has never been this easy

Simply take pictures of the items you want to store. Our intelligent app recognizes the images, tags them, and handles the rest for you.

You choose the pickup time

While our app is working its magic, you can easily schedule your convenient pickup. Even if that is within the hour. At ADD + SPACE pickup, delivery and insurance is included.

No more forgetting what’s in storage

Ever felt that small panic when you have no idea where anything is? With ADD + SPACE that won’t be a problem. Our app will give you a fully virtual overview of every item you have stored. It’s even categorised.

The Sustainable Option.

ADD + SPACE takes the abundance of unused space around your city and gives it a new purpose. Our vision is to make self-storage more sustainable by utilizing local leftover space. Take part in the movement by downloading the App.

As easy as opening your closet.

We’re introducing convenience to self-storage. Need your stuff back? Order your return through the app and choose the time that works best for you.

Do you want to ADD more money to your income?

With the ADD + SPACE app you can earn money either by renting out your leftover space, or by working as a Transporter.

Start earning monthly passive income.

Do you have surplus space at your home (garage, cellar, attic etc)? With ADD + SPACE, you can turn your private leftover space into a monthly passive income in seconds! We handle all the practicalities for you, like transport, contracts, and insurance. Click the link below to learn more and start earning!
Let's do it

Create your own awesome transport business.

Want to be your own boss? We are looking for freelancers to operate our electrical, cargo bikes in NY! As an ADD + SPACE freelancer you decide when and how often you want to work – just log on to the App, grab a ride and start earning. Sign up below to learn more about being a Transporter for ADD + SPACE.
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