Why Add + Space is the first ever self-storage service to organize your life.

Just download the Add + Space app and start to take pictures of the items you want to store.

This intelligent app instantly recognizes the photographed items, tags them, and brings it all into order… exactly like a walk-in-closet of your dreams.

From the same app, order the needed number of Add + Space storage boxes.

Add + Space handle pickup, insurance, delivery, and practically any other wish. Your stored things are archived in the app, and you can get them delivered back by Add + Space at any time.

By sophisticated, simplifying tech, Add + Space make self-storage spontaneous for the first time.

With Add + Space, you don’t only save money, but also help reduce the pressure on the environment: Add+Space is the first to employ leftover space in your area. No more new-built self-storage spaces.

This is Happy organizing.

Your orderly Add + Space team

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